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Simitive works exclusively with universities to enable data informed decision making through the planning, management, modelling and analysis of workforce and activities.

Simitive is proud to work with over 40% of UK universities, including:

  • 46% of Russell Group Universities
  • 35% of Post 92 Universities
  • 26% of Scottish Universities
  • 37% of Welsh Universities
  • 50% of Ancient Universities

All Simitive solutions are designed with universities to ensure that they meet the current and future needs of the sector in an innovative but culturally sensitive way.

Universities working with Simitive are able to:

  • Focus on the right activities – through clear identification of positively contributing activities
  • Achieve predictable staffing – through planned and modelled staff numbers and workloads against committed activities and student numbers
  • Be confident in delivery of committed activities – through transparent matching of resources to activities
  • Improve or sustain student experience – by ensuring that the right resource is available to meet committed contact and engagement time
  • Demonstrably support equality and diversity – through transparent, fair and equitable allocation of activities
  • Improve staff engagement – through the fair and transparent allocation of work
  • Improve agility – though the ability to plan and model changes or scenarios rapidly and in real time
  • Improved support for strategic initiatives – through the allocation of the right resources and costs to those activities

For further information on existing solutions or to be involved in the design of new solutions please contact info@simitive.com or visit www.simitive.com

Simitive Contact Details: Email Website - Twitter - Linked In


Studyportals - the global study choice platform, has over 200,000 published courses from over 3,750+ HE institutions and over 52 million users. Studyportals results-based channels support universities with digital marketing, analytics, and international student recruitment, enabling reach to a global audience and diversification on student population.   

Main contact: Thijs van Vugt, Director Analytics & Consultancy team, Studyportals - 

Website: https://studyportals.com/


If you are looking for planning solutions that help you cope with fundamental change, assess strategic options, aid cross-departmental engagement, enable plans, resources, income, costs & KPIs to be defined, and performance to be managed, then look no further than Account-Ability. With 24 years’ experience in HE, with 50 HEI’s & award-winning software we can help you cut through the data jungle.

Main contact: Austin Jackson, Director, Account-Ability Ltd, austin@account-ability.co.uk

Website: https://www.account-ability.co.uk/


Emsi Burning Glass is the world leader in labour market and skills data analytics.  Our data is used by universities across the world to inform strategic planning.

Main contact name including, job title and email address: Richard Hewitt, Director, Higher Education – UK richard.hewitt@emsibg.com 

Website: www.emsidata.co.uk | www.emsibg.com 

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